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About me

eroscarajart, Eros Cara J, Eros Cara,

​I was born in Sardinia, Italy in 1981.

My parents were both artists and since I was young they unintentionally immersed me in the world of visual art. Although they were two very talented artists, they never taught me anything about their work as they preferred to see me studying in order to find, what they considered, a ‘real’ job. Because of this I steered towards reading comics and drawing pictures of my favourite comic book characters in my free time, progressively developing a passion as I improved my skills over the years.

My influences have always been extremely diverse and especially over the last few years, thanks to the internet, my learning process as a self taught artist never ends.

Although I studied at University to become an interpreter and I worked in this profession for many years, I decided to follow my ‘calling’ and start a new life as an artist.

It was after a talented and important personality of the European and international comic book world, Mr Bepi Vigna, looked at one of my portfolios and suggested to me to follow my artistic inclination as he believed there was a great chance I could become a professional artist, that I had the strength to pursue my dream.

Through working with international clients and my obsession to improve and be able to satisfy any request, I have become very versatile and my art now extends from freehand creations to digital, tattoos and airbrushing art that I apply to all possible fields: comic books and graphic novels; illustrations; paintings; murals; graphic designs; logos and commercial art; tattoos and webpages are only a few examples of what I do to bring your imagination and projects to life.

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